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Welcome to the Greater Manchester Deprivation GP Specialty Training (GPST) Programme. Learning inclusion health in a deprivation setting. 

There has been a strong call to increase GPST programme capacity to provide more doctors to meet the growing needs of the UK population. Nowhere is that need greater than in the country’s areas of deprivation, where health outcomes are poorest, patient needs most substantial and where, as demonstrated by the persisting inverse care law, doctor numbers are least.

This GPST programme has a strong focus on deprivation health and social care within Greater Manchester, with the aim of best preparing  trainees with the knowledge and skills to work in areas of deprivation in order to achieve better health outcomes for our patient populations.

General practice has the potential to turn around lives whose health and social outcomes are on a downwards trajectory and work with people to help them forge happier, healthier futures. Today’s trainees are our future workforce and our patients’ future family doctors.


We hope this training programme will help prepare you for a happy career in general practice, delivering care where it is needed most.


Martin Luther King Jr

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane”