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Come and train to be the best doctor you can be.

The GM Deprivation GPST Programme is for people who want to be GPs in an area of deprivation.


This course is aimed at training the best to be competent, compassionate and eager to see real change in people’s lives, and that they stay there for the long term to be change makers. The programme explores the reality of the health inequalities and social injustice that can be seen in the poorest areas across Greater Manchester. We are looking for those who can see hope in every situation.

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What we do

"The potential to make the biggest impact comes with a bit of interest, application and kindness with the way we work" - Dr James Matheson

"GM Deprivation programme as a coalition has developed my skills to think about and have a deeper understanding of what health inequalities exist in the UK and what we as healthcare professionals need to do to address this need" - Dr Emily Gaines (GP trainee)

"In the few months I 've been here we've already had teaching of people experiencing homelessness" - Dr Anya Bos (GP trainee)

Our goals

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 GP trainee’s wellbeing is supported, and they have the skills to prevent burnout

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GPs care about reducing health inequalities

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GP Trainees have the knowledge and skills for working in areas of deprivation.

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More GPs are training in deprived areas

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GP Trainees enjoy and continue to work in areas of deprivation

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People who grow up in deprived areas have the opportunity to train as GPs for their community

Improve numbers and quality of GPs in areas of deprivation.

Improve healthcare quality in areas of deprivation.

Our achievements so far!



Trainees have graduated

and are working in 

deprived-focused practices.



Trainees say their work-life balance and resilience have improved during training.



New trainees entering the scheme compared  to when it  began in 2019.



Placements consisting of primary, community-based and secondary care positions involving tackling health inequalities.

Martin Luther King Jr

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane”

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"a great opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that I needed to be best enabled to provide the care that these people need, and this training programme has not disappointed"

Daniel Doherty

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