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Study Leave

The general practice Study Leave budget is for the education of GP specialty traineesThe education budget is limited and it is public money. The HEE Study Leave team must deem the training relevant to the RCGP curriculum for study leave to be approved. Study Leave must be applied for in advance and forms approved in accordance with the Study Leave Policy. More information can be found here. 


How to Apply


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Trainee discusses Study Leave application and receives approval from Educational Supervisor and Practice Manager.


Trainee fills out Study Leave Application Form.



Trainee emails application form to Ischia & Andy and they will forward it on to the study leave team. Study Leave applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the course date. Applications received after four weeks of attending the course will be declined.


Fill out the Expenses Form and send it alongside a certificate or proof of payment to This must be done within 3 months of the course ending. 

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The Study Leave team will send reimbursement claims off in the form of a report to Payroll on a monthly basis. All claims must be received by noon on the 9th of each month. 

If you do not receive payment within two months of submitting your claim please contact St Helens & Knowsley HR –

Study Leave FAQs

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How many days of Study Leave can I take?

Full-time trainees have 30 days which run from August to August. From this allocation regional teaching days are taken from this; we advise you to check with your Training Programme Director (TPD) with regards to the number as this varies by speciality and sometimes ST grade. However, most specialties are 15 days. You can also use up to 7 days for private study from the allocation to revise for your exams.

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What is my Study Leave Budget Allowance?

There is not a specific trainee budget allowance. For more information please contact the Study Leave team, 

When does the new budget start and can my Study Leave budget
be carried forward to
subsequent years?

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1st April until the 31st March the following year. Your Study Leave budget is for the current year only and unused funding cannot be carried forward to subsequent years.

What is the timeframe for the 30-days Study Leave allowance?

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The 30 days Study Leave days allowance runs

from August to the August rotation.

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Can I have Study Leave
during Maternity Leave?

‘2.5 Those trainees who are on Maternity or Paternity Leave should have access to Study Leave only in exceptional circumstances. This approval should only be given once the issues surrounding contractual and medical indemnity have been clarified with the Postgraduate Dean, the relevant lead employer and the provider of the course/conference/educational programme which the trainee has applied to attend.’ 


The trainee will need to ensure that they have permission from the lead employer and that any medical indemnity has been covered. Once we have been advised that this has been covered, we will forward the application to the Deputy Postgraduate Dean for approval. The trainee will also be required to use a KIT (Keep in Touch) day to attend the conference. If the trainee is on her annual leave segment at the end of Maternity Leave then we can process as normal; however, if the trainee is on actual Maternity Leave at the time of the conference, then the above procedure must be followed.

Do I need to apply for Study Leave if I do not want to claim expenses?

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Yes. All Study Leave, both for time off and for funding, must be approved by your Training Programme Director prior to the leave.

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How do I claim my
expenses back?

You can claim expenses by following the

tutorials on the webpage here.

When should I expect my expenses to be reimbursed?

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Your Lead Employer is St Helen’s and Knowsley: Refunds are made with your salary at the end of each month. The cut-off date is usually the 8th of the month, if this falls over the weekend it will be the last working day before this date). If the Claim form is not processed before this date, they will get paid the following month. If unsure, please check the LEO webpage for details as early submissions are due around Christmas and Financial Year End.

Will air travel be refunded?

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Only where it is cheaper to travel by air than by

train, or where it is not possible to

travel by rail.

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How much funding do I
get for accommodation? 

Within London, the overnight rate should not exceed £150 per night (bed & breakfast). Outside London, the overnight rate should not exceed £120 per night (bed and breakfast). However, in some circumstances, HENW may not permit any funding for accommodation. Please speak to your TPD before making the request.

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How is travel calculated?

Travel is calculated from your base hospital to the course/conference/exam venue to a maximum of a 2nd class (standard) return rail fare. Mileage can be claimed as long as it does not exceed the amount of

a 2nd class return rail fare.

What is the rate of mileage?

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30 pence per mile (up to the maximum of a 2nd class rail fare).

Can I claim expenses for overseas trips?

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HEE will consider funding either the full cost of the course/conference fees or the full cost of the economy travel and accommodation, whichever is the lower amount. Overseas trips must also be approved by the Postgraduate Dean (or deputy) at the Deanery as well as your Training Programme Director. Funding for trips may be restricted depending on previous funding. Overseas is defined as any country outside the UK. Study Leave will not be granted to attend examinations overseas. The guidelines around overseas study leave have been amended significantly, for full detail

please refer to the Study Leave guidelines

to be found on the HENW website here.

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What receipts do I need to send?

Receipts are required for:

  • Course/Conference fees

  • Accommodation 

  • Subsistence 

  • Rail Travel (including Tube and Tram journeys) 

  • Air Travel

  • Parking

  • Taxis


If no receipt for travel is submitted, travel will be calculated as an off-peak 2nd class return rail fare from the nearest mainline station to your hospital base to the nearest station to the course/conference venue.

If no receipt is received for any other expense, you will not be refunded.

Can I claim expenses for Food and Drink?

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Subsistence can be claimed where appropriate to a maximum of £20 for a full 24-hour period.

Claims for alcohol will not be reimbursed.

Can I claim expenses for an exam?

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Exam fees cannot be reimbursed. Travel to the exam and accommodation/subsistence can be claimed (subject to approval by your Training Programme Director).

Courses that can be claimed for
via Study Leave

Structured Education programme
Mandatory release, no funding implications
RCGP-provided or accredited RCA course
One course attendance per trainee
RCGP-provided or accredited AKT course
One course attendance per trainee
Fourteen fish AKT and RCA support
Funding for the whole blended package per trainee.
BLS training
Child Safeguarding / Adult Safeguarding
One course attendance per trainee. These should be completed as soon as possible after starting GPST training.
GP Update Day e.g., NB Medical / Red Whale
For all in STs
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