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All trainees benefit from weekly teaching. Trainees learn a variety of skills needed to be a GP with a particular focus on topics that are relevant to working in an area of disadvantage. Trainees also develop self-care skills to support their wellbeing and have fulfilling careers.

What will you learn from us?

Working as a GP in deprivation can be extremely challenging, but it can also be both eye opening and rewarding. At our programme, we will guide you through a variety of clinical topics from an angle of deprivation, focusing on the whole patient centred approach rather than just the conditions they present on the day. 


Every session will be hosted by a range of expert guest speakers delivering to our trainees the best knowledge, skills and coping strategies that will equip them to be the best doctor they can be for their community.

See below examples of the topics that we teach!

Homeless Families

The mental and physical struggles of homelessness, with particular focus on families in temporary accommodation.


Poorer health outcomes experienced by the communities, hormone replacement therapies etc.

Pyschological Medicine

Medically unexplained symptoms, personality disorders, key signs of patient complexities etc.


Overprescribing risks, multimorbities & drug interactions.


Disparities in veteran health.

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Drug Misuse

Holistic medical care and special treatment for patients with drug addictions.


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Gypsy & Travellers

The struggles low incomers face getting sufficient nutrients and the role of food in preventing diseases and malnutrition.

The community's unique barriers to accessing healthcare.

At the end of each term, Trainees are also given the opportunity to suggest other topics  for the following year that they wish to learn and explore. 

Wellbeing Day - Kettleshulme Village Hall, June 2023

This wellbeing workshop focused on the benefits of singing and breathwork, helping trainees to find and explore their inner voice and develop skills they can use in their day-to-day practice, to help them destress and take better care of themselves. The event was held at Kettleshulme Village Hall, and led by Carmel Murphy-Elliott, Penny Vincent, and Tony Jones. 

Watch the video to get an inside scope of the day!

Wellbeing Day - The Edge Theatre & Arts Centre, December 2022

Thank you to performance poet Harry Baker for joining us for this wellbeing session and sharing some of his inspirational pieces. This poetry workshop is aimed to help trainees develop their creative thought, which is important in many aspects of primary care. The event was held at The Edge Theatre & Arts Centre, and led by Dr Andy Elliott.

Watch the video to see the highlights of the day!

Interview with Dr Clare Reeder (ST3 Trainee), 2021

Watch Clare share her thoughts on how a previous teaching session on homelessness impacted her and her training as a GP. 

Wellbeing Day - Hulme Garden Community Centre, Sept 2021

A massive thank you to Carmel Murphy-Elliott who organised and led a wonderful event for the trainees' wellbeing session. Held at Hulme's Garden Community centre, our trainees were shown the '5 aspects of wellbeing'. A system that provides the tools and strategies to prevent burnout (while also mindfully acknowledging the signs of burnout before it happens). 

Watch the video to get an inside scope of the day!

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