All trainees benefit from weekly teaching. Trainees learn a variety of skills needed to be a GP with a particular focus on topics that are relevant to working in an area of disadvantage. Trainees also develop self-care skills to support their wellbeing and have fulfilling careers.  


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Example of topics that we've covered...



Trainees are made aware of the mental and physical struggles homeless, especially homeless families face. Last year a former patient of Kirkholt Medical Practice explained the challenges they faced rough sleeping with drug addictions.

Image by Jon Tyson



Our trainees are shown the importance of a good diet in preventing diseases and malnutrition and the struggles low incomers face in getting sufficient nutrition. In 2020, trainees were  given a practical cooking session where they were tested to make a sustainable healthy meal using only the limited food provisions and equipment provided. Many trainees found this to be a very insightful session!

Image by Brooke Lark

Psychological Medicine

Trainees are taught important issues relating to mental health by being shown the

key signs of potential complexities within a patient through practice case scenarios and questions. 

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Management of Drug Misuse

Trainees are shown how to provide both holistic medical care and special treatment for patients who suffer from drug addictions. 

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At the end of each term, Trainees are also given the opportunity to suggest other topics  for the following year that they wish to learn and explore.