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Who are we?

Our programme covers the full RCGP curriculum with emphasis on health issues suffered in areas of concentrated disadvantage. We are part of the Health Equity Focused Training (HEFT) delivered by Health Education England (HEE).

Trainees learn trauma-informed practice, psychological interventions and an understanding of the links between health and financial stress. Because of the high levels of pathology, trainees rapidly gain broad ranging experience and knowledge to make confident decisions in partnership with their patients.


We hope trainees can become champions for social change within their local communities and take a stand against health inequalities.

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Shared Health Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation which focuses on reducing the impact of poverty on health in Greater Manchester.

Shared Health fund initiatives to reduce health inequalities, including part funding the GP training scheme. Their wider Deprivation Medicine project contributes to medical education across the UK. GP trainees benefit from collaboration with Shared Health throughout the programme.

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Health Education England (HEE) is the organisation that drives the NHS workforce, they are responsible for the education, training and wellbeing of every member of staff. 

The HEE North West GP School are the deanery who part fund (alongside SHF) our GPST Programme. Our deanery ensures the delivery of high quality training in our general practices and provides the right support for trainees and trainers throughout their professional development. 


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What we can offer you.



1:1 Training

With experienced, enthusiastic and passionate GPs


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Unique Placements

With exposure to more diverse areas of care


Assessment Support

Helping you prepare for AKT, CSA and portfolios.

We are able to tailor placements and training to meet your needs and requirements!

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