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Practical information for trainers and trainees

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FourteenFish is the platform which holds the Trainee's portfolio.

Study Leave 

The general practice study leave budget is for the education of GP Specialty.

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Less Than Full Time

You may apply to be a less than full time trainee once your placement is confirmed.

Lead Employer

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A dedicated HR team that deals with all aspects of employment for GP Specialty Trainees.

Return to work

SuppoRTT is a national programme designed to improve the return to training in practice.

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Out of Hours

Before completing their training, Trainees will need to have some out of hours experience.

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Health & Wellbeing

 We value the importance of good mental health, find out how health and wellbeing is supported throughout our programme.

Annual Leave

Annual leave helps create a good work life balance. To find out how much leave a trainee is entitled too click below. 

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Resources to inform, inspire and educate 

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Health Inequality

Learn more about health inequalities

Top Tips for Being a GP

Gain some useful tips to help you in your day to day work as a GP in a deprived area

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Learn more about how we are evaluating the GP training scheme

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