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Manchester is a city of vibrancy and diversity with many exciting opportunities. There is never a shortage of activities you can do, with the ability to try something new every day.

We have a huge selection of restaurants, bars, cafes and independent food ventures with food festivals and local markets happening across the boroughs. Explore the large number of art galleries, theatres and libraries or at one of the many music venues including the Albert Hall and Band on the Wall. Take a walk in any of the numerous parks and open spaces across Greater Manchester. 

Wanting more? Perfectly situated between two of England’s most beautiful national parks, The Peaks and Pennines, the surrounding areas have plenty more to offer.


Take a look at what else you can do in our wonderful city:

Whilst wanting to show you the beauty and vibrancy of Manchester, it is important to recognise Manchester is also a city steeped with deprivation. A report put together by Manchester University and the Joseph Rowntree Trust 1, states that the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2015 ranks over a third of people living in Greater Manchester in the bottom 20% nationally. The highest concentration of deprivation falls in Manchester, Salford, Bolton and Rochdale. 1 in 5 people live in an area in the bottom 10% nationally. There are 41 neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester that rank in the bottom 1% nationally.

This is really important to understand. It is well understood that those living in the most deprived areas can be expected to have a lower life expectancy and spend more of their lives living in poor health, with higher levels of behavioural risk factors and more deaths due to heart disease, stroke and cancer. As GPs working in deprivation, this is what you will face.

This is the challenge – trying to improve the lives of people facing difficult health outcomes from birth, due in a greater degree to their postcode. We believe that being part of the Deprivation GPST programme in Manchester will equip you for this work.


1 Manchester University and the Joseph Rowntree Trust. Residential and labour market connections of deprived neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester and Leeds. 2016.

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