Practical information for trainers and trainees


Fourteenfish is the platform which holds the Trainee Portfolio.

Out of Hours

Before completing their training, trainees will need to have some out of hours experience.

Study Leave

The general practice study leave budget is for the education of GP specialty trainees.

Return to Work

SuppoRTT is a national programme designed to improve the return to training experience.

Less Than Full Time

You may apply to be less than full time as a trainee after your placement is confirmed. 

Lead Employer

A dedicated HR team that deals with all aspects of employment for GP Specialty Trainees.

Resources to inform, inspire and educate...

Health Inequality

Learn more about health inequalities.

Top Tips for Being a GP

These tips have been written to help you in your day to day work as a GP in a deprived area.


Learn more about how we are evaluating the GP training scheme.