The structured education programme runs throughout the 3 years of the specialty training programme to cover the knowledge and skills required to practice safely and effectively as a General Practitioner.


The programme covers, in depth, all areas of the Royal College of General Practitioners’ (RCGP) curriculum for GP training. In addition, the programme covers the content of the Health Inequalities curriculum developed by the RCGP’s Health Inequalities Standing Group. Health Inequalities and the social determinants of health, along with the healthcare needs of populations sometimes considered marginalised or excluded, are very much a part of the mainstream college curriculum.


They have a special focus within this programme, as being of particular importance to practitioners intending to work with communities in disadvantaged areas and with the populations considered above. Clinical conditions will be examined within the context of the people and populations who experience them.

This 3-year training programme will be split between primary and secondary care locations with a structured education programme running throughout.


ST 1

Two 6-month rotations in selected secondary care specialties with relevance to primary care training needs.



Primary care and a 6-month rotation in a GP+ post relevant to working in an area of deprivation.

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Primary care with a trainer and practice dedicated to delivering quality healthcare in an area of deprivation.



Our weekly teaching supports trainees to have the knowledge and skills to work in disadvantaged areas.


GP Practices

Our practices serve communities in Rochdale, Oldham and Manchester.